for any that might be following this blog, my roadtrip news will be on another LJ under the username "themadmailler".



Just bought "let's go roadtripping"... way to go last minute preparations! i'm good for those. this goes in the collection with:

1000 places to see before you die
national lampoon "roadtrip USA"


The great Road Trip

I was considering how to keep notes of my travels this summer. My plans were to use the 'ol pen and paper, which i will still do, but i thought of all my friends composed of 1's and 0's out there on the net somewhere. so, once again i will ressurrect this journal and use it for purposes of informing you all about my travels. I have just spent several hours planning out my destinations, which i'll share with y'all one day, along with new additions as i get them on the road. take care.

let's see...

i haven't posted in here for so long... so, i'm wondering if anyone still frequents this old cretin of a journal. speak up!

i think i stopped this journal about the time i stopped hanging out with laurel. interesting correlation... i think laurel was often a catalyst for things i did... doo bad we drifted apart... well, for all i know i'm talking to the voices in my head. bye.


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"I got a telephone call from Istanbul -
My Baby's comin' hame today!"

good 'ol Waits.

i just feel like updating, not much new. i got two new Tom Waits albums, Blood Money and Franks Wild Years.

i have amer. gov. and web graphics tomorrow for exams... i should study for that...ech.

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    tom waits - franks wild years

look, mo! an update!

Once again, christmas and thanksgiving have crept up on me. before i knew it, it was thanksgiving, and i didn't have my christmas list compiled to give to everyone. now, it's, what, 3 weeks?

we're going to get our tree next weekend. anyone who has a fake tree should bring it outside, douse it in gasoline, and burn it. after it is burned, they should proceed to a decent tree farm like Maple Row (i believe that's the name) and buy a REAL tree. it's fun, too. and it smells good.


i got a new Tom Waits CD. Mule Variations. good stuff. Filipino Box Spring Hog is quite an entertaining song.
Well I hung on to Mary's stump
I danced with a soldier's glee
With a rum soaked crook and a big fat laugh
I spent my last dollar on thee
I saw Bill Bones, gave him a yell
Kehoe spiked the nog
With a chain link fence and a scrap iron jaw
Cookin' up a Filipino Box Spring Hog
Cookin' up a Filipino Box Spring Hog
Cookin' up a Filipino Box Spring Hog

Spider rolled in from Hollister Burn
with a one-eyed stolen mare
Donned himself with chicken fat
Sawin' on a jaw bone violin there
Kathleen was sittin' down in Little Red's Recovery Room
in her criminal underwear bra
I was naked to the waist with my fierce black hound
And I'm cookin' up a Filipino Box Spring Hog
Cookin' up a Filipino Box Spring Hog
Cookin' up a Filipino Box Spring Hog

Dig a big pit in a dirt alley road
Fill it with madrone and bay
Stinks like hell and the neighbors complain
Don't give a hoot what they say
Gotta slap that hog
Roll em over twice
Gotta baste him with a sweeping broom
You gotta swat them flies and chain up the dogs
Cookin' up a Filipino Box Spring Hog
Cookin' up a Filipino Box Spring Hog
Cookin' up a Filipino Box Spring Hog

Rattle snake piccata with grapes and figs
Old brown Betty with a yellow wig
Tain't the mince meat filagree
And it ain't the turkey neck stew
And it ain't them bruleed okra seeds
though she made them especially for you
Worse won a prize for her bottom black pie
The beans got thrown to the dogs

Jaheseus Christ, I can always make room
Cookin' up a Filipino Box Spring Hog
Cookin' up a Filipino Box Spring Hog
Cookin' up a Filipino Box Spring Hog
Cookin' up a Filipino Box Spring Hog

yea, it probably seems crazy. but once you know Waits, it's almost commonplace. he has a lot of interesting subject matter...



i haven't updated in a year and a day...

i really want my Benchmade 551 to come back from being checked and resharpened. i love that thing, 200 times better than this TiLite i have... made in the USA too! i've nothing against overseas manufacturing (Germany, Italy... good stuff.) but i don't like(err..hate) japanese taiwan, or chinese manufacture. and that's where the Cold Steel (tilite) was made.

i'm looking into getting a good sharpener so i don't have to send in my BM again, and so i can get a decent edge and proper angle on all my knives....

i was really close to getting a Benchmade 530. retails at about 70, offered for 45. but i was too late. damnshitfuck. oh well. i'd like a [BM] 630 Apparition... but a bit pricey, even at NewGhrahm knives.

there's my ramble about knives and sharpeners.

i went to a wedding yesterday, now i have another uncle. =) it was a great place and nice ceremony... they were married at this inn that looked old but i believe was new. everything was beautiful, the colors in rooms were great... the owner seemed pretty sharp, bet he did alot of it.

my new uncle gave me an Inova X1 flashlight as a gift for being ringbearer. it's awesome, it's on my belt right now... must be about 60 lumens with a nice solid beam.

i took pitures at the wedding, and mom bitched about how the crappy film was used for the ceremony. (i didn't do it, didn't even take those pics) she dosn't realize it'd better than none at all.

i realized how cool sportsjackets are. wore one for the wedding, but it's casual, so i'm going to wear it every so often.

Now, for Grampa's Awesomely Funny and Odd Term Of The Day:
"[he's so stupid, etc] he dosn't know the difference between his ass and a hole in the ground!"

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i haven't updated in ages.

hmm... so i called my grandparents like 5 times yesterday, over a period of a few hours. didn't call back.

called 'em today about three times, left a message. i wonder why they aren't answering.

called my aunt a few times yesterday and today. didn't pick up.

called laurel about twice, left a massage, called agian. got a human. yay!

one down, two to go. this is slightly angereing me.

in other news...


my earrings in jewelery class are almost done. yay.



i now have 6 shells in my collection instead of 5. wanna know why?

i shot grampa's 20gauge. w00t! it's fun. nice solid *BOOM*, stout but maneagable recoil, and too much muzzle rize. i believe the muzzle rise could be fixed with a stock improvement and the porting on the muzzle changed to a compensator.

that is all.